Thursday, January 16, 2014

Resolutions And Being Stuck In The Mud

 Who makes resolutions anymore? I don't because I know I will never stick to them, and I won't remember them after a few weeks. We all want to better ourselves, whether by losing weight or dropping a bad habit we can't shake. We all have those things we could change to make us better in our eyes or the eyes of others.
  Resolutions are meant to jump start our lazy nature because we all get into "ruts" (or being "stuck in the mud" as I call it). So, resolutions will lift you out of the mundane and inspire you to reach an unattainable, seemingly up to the point of the resolution, goal that you neither had the energy or time to undertake.
  Most resolutions don't make it past January before they become the stuff of long forgotten lore. So, with that in mind I offer this bit of advice. Make each day a day of resolution. Everyday is New Year's Day. It is a day to start anew. If you fail, then try again tomorrow. Only you can change your life. Only you will make yourself different.
  What, you may ask are some of my resolutions? Well, I have about 10,000 things I would love to accomplish just this year alone. Some things are about me, but most are how I wish the world to change for the betterment of society as a whole. Personally, I have been achieving on many different levels. One, for instance, is being a successful podcast (or internet broadcaster). I have been doing this for more than 5 years (and counting). I have found a passion for podcasting! It brings me happiness, fulfillment, and peace. Everyday I think of ways I can improve. Second resolution and third are to get married this year and to have kids. Those two are very BIG resolutions. The logistics are mind numbing. Just trying to plan it all and see it come together is tough and overwhelmingly, but both are every bit a part of what I want and need to enrich my life.
  I make an everyday resolution to be better at something or in the way I treat others and on how I wart to be treated. Some days I succeed, some days I fail. If you make any kind of resolution you know exactly how I feel. I do not let failure stop me, and neither should you. Pick yourself up and persevere. You can accomplish massive changes in your life, but sometimes they come from everyday resolutions. Remember to start small, but thing BIG! Plan ahead and everyday you are closer to your ultimate goals, whatever you choose them to be in your life.

  "Savage Techman"

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Hope Never Dies

 We live in and age of doom and gloom. Most of what we see on TV, internet, and radio is negative. In print there is always a scandal, someone is falling from some celebrity perch we have put them on down to the dregs of society. There is a sadistic need in humans to lift some up to break them down. It is rare to turn on the 24 hour news channels and not hear how the middle east isn't getting along, end times are approaching, governments are going bankrupt, disease is spreading, political unrest, wars raging, economic collapse, and so much more in peril. It is a wonder how we, as Earthlings, don't know how to get along.  Even in our own homes with the ones we love, sometimes we don't always show the best that we can be, we sometimes show the worst.
  How are we supposed to have peace in the middle east if we can't have peace between families, neighborhoods, and even in our thoughts? If we, as a global community, do not learn that we all have value and that we all contribute to the greatest gift we have been given, each other, then there is no hope for a future.
  I choose to believe in the good of others, even in spite of the harshness they display. I think the answers to the world's problems are simple. as a citizen of this planet, it seems you should start changing yourself from within and work outwards from that point. Fix yourself, then the world. I know that peace can be achieved if people and nations demand it . If we collectively, as a civilization, rise above our prejudices and our pride and work together, the peace can be a realization.  Remember that hope never dies.


Monday, November 5, 2012

DigitalCavemann's Blog

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Monkey Balls, Decision 2012, and the Joker

  Today I was still reeling a little from the shooting at the fair in town.  Thank the Lord Cheryl and I were spared and not directly impacted by the violence. It is just another reason to stop and appreciate the ones you love and look past silly arguments and stupid things that can cloud up a lives between people. "don't sweat the small stuff".
  This week promises to be another challenging week. I am fighting a head cold, with the "hot one day cool the next" weather situation. Life can suck monkey balls today. The most important and pivotal thing happening this week is the Presidential election. Will President Obama get a second term or go down in the annuls of history as a one-termer, like Jimmy Carter or Daddy George Bush? Will Mitt Romney bring his pseudo Conservatism to the biggest job in the land? I predict Obama will win. People love free stuff. Plus I think he did about as good as anyone could have done with the mess this country is in and was. Will Romney's  blend of business bottom line politics save our stagnant economy? We shall see. Does any of this really matter? Yes and No. Either way the debt was gonna be insurmountable, and generations will be affected by it all. A business man will tax you more and cut all your social benefits because it helps the bottom line. You see we are just numbers with no faces. You fail, then cut them lose. Let GM falter, screw the average man who can't find work and has now given up. A not so business man would be the opposite because he would try to assist you, and that my friend isn't socialism, it is called lending a helping hand and looking out for those who have fallen by the wayside. Life is not, no matter what you are told about bottom lines and payroll and corporate acquisitions, but rather god will judge you on how well you looked after your fellow brother or sister. 
  Now neither side is correct completely and neither side of the aisle has the one definitive answer. I believe it is a combination of the two. working together across party lines is the one way that anything constructive can be achieved. Nothing less than that is failure and dissension. So this week think carefully how you throw your vote away against a candidate you don't like. Choose what best benefits mankind in your neighborhood, your county, your state, your country, your world. The Joker said, "it isn't about the money, it's about sending a message. Everything burns".


Sunday, November 4, 2012

Gonna Bring A Gun To A Knife Fight? Don't Even Go

 Cheryl and I decide how much fun it could be if we go to the fair. The usual fun to be had, the food, rides, and that special fall evening with the one you love. All in all we had a great time, except for a shooting at the fair! So some young punk or punks decide to bring a gun. Now don't get me wrong. I am not a gun person and do not believe that guns create violence, in fact the argument could be made that they curtail violence. If someone in that theater last summer in Colorado had one at "The Dark Knight Rises" premiere, then maybe nobody would have died. The statement that "if that happened in Georgia, nobody would have died because some Georgia Good Ol Boy was bound to have a gun on him" may ring true. Anyway, the latest that I have heard was that 8 people were shot including one possible pregnant lady. Nobody, for the grace of God, died but were hurt. Cheryl and I heard the commotion but thankfully were not harmed. What a shame I say that this had to happened!
  How about the rest of the fair? well, it was a blast, no pun intended!  We rode several rides, like the "Tilt-A-Whirl" which I was really getting into, and at last the Ferris Wheel , one of "Cheryl's must ride rides" and favorite rides.With all the craziness, following our exit from the Ferris Wheel, and probably the best for our cholesterol, we were not able to have a waffle cone, cotton candy, other fair food.
  Bottom line. Young punks, I hear one was in custody, ruined for some (especially those shot) evening. It didn't have to be this way. It never does.  Thank the heavens Cheryl and I were not harmed, and prayers to those who were.



Saturday, November 3, 2012

Super Storm Sandy, Election, and Bliss?

  OK so I am listening to the radio. Usually when I do this it pisses me off because I hear something that ultimately upsets me. From the state of the ignorance and utter non-existence of compassion and logic I hear displayed. Nobody works together. Everyone talks that talk but never does what they say.  I admit I am not smart. I do not know half of what a small ant would know, at times, but sometimes I do. I know there is common decency. I know there is good in the world. I have seen and felt the brilliance of things such as that, and known love that could melt mountains of despair with a touch. I have witnessed the will of a people that made this great country something history has never seen. 
  With all that being said I am outraged. I am the farther thing from perfect, God would know, but there are some things you just don't lay down and take. As you are aware the northeast was slammed, podded, poked, and bitch-slapped by Hurricane Sandy (something the Weather Channel brilliantly predicted, yes I said predicted, some time ago on a "Super Storm kinda 'what if'?" program). By the way, it showed the devastation that a Hurricane hitting New York City would cause. Well it happened. Not a direct hit on New York city, but they got the worst side of the storm. (New Jersey would say they did, and they did, to an extent). New york got the massive storm surges. Could it have been worse? Hells yeah! Thank the good Lord in heaven it wasn't.
 So what or who is pissing me off. Today it was the announcement by Mayor Bloomberg that the New York City marathon would go on as planned despite, less than a couple miles away in the Burroughs of the city, people are reported to be rummaging through dumpsters for food! Really!?! Yep. Where is Bloomberg's common sense? People are dieing, some have died. How about postponing or even canceling the marathon until the cleanup, power restoration, adequate lodging is achieved? Maybe redirect all the security personnel and  help the people in your own city that is dieing. People are lining up car to car in New Jersey for gas. Others for drinking water.
  President Obama seems to be, at least at first and so far, dealing with the situation  in the best way possible. Even a Republican, Chris Christie, the Governor of New Jersey, praised him for his fast action.  FEMA seems to be getting a good report on their speedy efforts. It is all politics cause with days to go to the 2012 Presidential election, which will change our country forevermore (or not at all depending how you look at it), both candidate Mitt Romney and President Obama are back on the campaign trail. It's Business As Usual .
   What about the election? Some polling places might not be open in time. What to do? This week, the aftermath of  Super Storm Sandy, the Presidential election, politics and all that other stuff, can make your head spin. Hopefully there will not be a repeat of the Bush/Gore fiasco in Florida. There were already reports that the Department of Justice is overseeing southern Florida for voter fraud. Not again.
   Obama will win. There will be counts and recounts, but he will be re-elected. If Romney wins, things will get real interesting.