Sunday, November 4, 2012

Gonna Bring A Gun To A Knife Fight? Don't Even Go

 Cheryl and I decide how much fun it could be if we go to the fair. The usual fun to be had, the food, rides, and that special fall evening with the one you love. All in all we had a great time, except for a shooting at the fair! So some young punk or punks decide to bring a gun. Now don't get me wrong. I am not a gun person and do not believe that guns create violence, in fact the argument could be made that they curtail violence. If someone in that theater last summer in Colorado had one at "The Dark Knight Rises" premiere, then maybe nobody would have died. The statement that "if that happened in Georgia, nobody would have died because some Georgia Good Ol Boy was bound to have a gun on him" may ring true. Anyway, the latest that I have heard was that 8 people were shot including one possible pregnant lady. Nobody, for the grace of God, died but were hurt. Cheryl and I heard the commotion but thankfully were not harmed. What a shame I say that this had to happened!
  How about the rest of the fair? well, it was a blast, no pun intended!  We rode several rides, like the "Tilt-A-Whirl" which I was really getting into, and at last the Ferris Wheel , one of "Cheryl's must ride rides" and favorite rides.With all the craziness, following our exit from the Ferris Wheel, and probably the best for our cholesterol, we were not able to have a waffle cone, cotton candy, other fair food.
  Bottom line. Young punks, I hear one was in custody, ruined for some (especially those shot) evening. It didn't have to be this way. It never does.  Thank the heavens Cheryl and I were not harmed, and prayers to those who were.



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  1. Thank God reports are saying that no one was seriously injured, but it is very upsetting to think about the thousands of people who were impacted by this violence. So many youngsters were there who had been dropped for a fun evening by their parents. So many families with young children in tow. When the crowd went rushing past us, it was relatively easy for Ed and me to step into the safe shelter between two food carts, but I shudder to think what could have happened if we had had little ones with us. What did parents say to their babies as they waited for another 90 minutes to be able to leave the fairgrounds where we were all locked in as the police began the investigation?

    Senseless violence is not new but it does seem to be specifically targeting innocent people these days: at schools, movie theaters and now at our local fair. I don't think we should start avoiding public places, but it does make me more wary. Even now, years after the DC snipers were captured, I still get anxious pumping gas on a cool morning.

    Be alert, dear friends, but don't be afraid to live your lives.