Monday, November 5, 2012

Monkey Balls, Decision 2012, and the Joker

  Today I was still reeling a little from the shooting at the fair in town.  Thank the Lord Cheryl and I were spared and not directly impacted by the violence. It is just another reason to stop and appreciate the ones you love and look past silly arguments and stupid things that can cloud up a lives between people. "don't sweat the small stuff".
  This week promises to be another challenging week. I am fighting a head cold, with the "hot one day cool the next" weather situation. Life can suck monkey balls today. The most important and pivotal thing happening this week is the Presidential election. Will President Obama get a second term or go down in the annuls of history as a one-termer, like Jimmy Carter or Daddy George Bush? Will Mitt Romney bring his pseudo Conservatism to the biggest job in the land? I predict Obama will win. People love free stuff. Plus I think he did about as good as anyone could have done with the mess this country is in and was. Will Romney's  blend of business bottom line politics save our stagnant economy? We shall see. Does any of this really matter? Yes and No. Either way the debt was gonna be insurmountable, and generations will be affected by it all. A business man will tax you more and cut all your social benefits because it helps the bottom line. You see we are just numbers with no faces. You fail, then cut them lose. Let GM falter, screw the average man who can't find work and has now given up. A not so business man would be the opposite because he would try to assist you, and that my friend isn't socialism, it is called lending a helping hand and looking out for those who have fallen by the wayside. Life is not, no matter what you are told about bottom lines and payroll and corporate acquisitions, but rather god will judge you on how well you looked after your fellow brother or sister. 
  Now neither side is correct completely and neither side of the aisle has the one definitive answer. I believe it is a combination of the two. working together across party lines is the one way that anything constructive can be achieved. Nothing less than that is failure and dissension. So this week think carefully how you throw your vote away against a candidate you don't like. Choose what best benefits mankind in your neighborhood, your county, your state, your country, your world. The Joker said, "it isn't about the money, it's about sending a message. Everything burns".


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