Thursday, November 29, 2012

Hope Never Dies

 We live in and age of doom and gloom. Most of what we see on TV, internet, and radio is negative. In print there is always a scandal, someone is falling from some celebrity perch we have put them on down to the dregs of society. There is a sadistic need in humans to lift some up to break them down. It is rare to turn on the 24 hour news channels and not hear how the middle east isn't getting along, end times are approaching, governments are going bankrupt, disease is spreading, political unrest, wars raging, economic collapse, and so much more in peril. It is a wonder how we, as Earthlings, don't know how to get along.  Even in our own homes with the ones we love, sometimes we don't always show the best that we can be, we sometimes show the worst.
  How are we supposed to have peace in the middle east if we can't have peace between families, neighborhoods, and even in our thoughts? If we, as a global community, do not learn that we all have value and that we all contribute to the greatest gift we have been given, each other, then there is no hope for a future.
  I choose to believe in the good of others, even in spite of the harshness they display. I think the answers to the world's problems are simple. as a citizen of this planet, it seems you should start changing yourself from within and work outwards from that point. Fix yourself, then the world. I know that peace can be achieved if people and nations demand it . If we collectively, as a civilization, rise above our prejudices and our pride and work together, the peace can be a realization.  Remember that hope never dies.


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