Saturday, November 3, 2012

Super Storm Sandy, Election, and Bliss?

  OK so I am listening to the radio. Usually when I do this it pisses me off because I hear something that ultimately upsets me. From the state of the ignorance and utter non-existence of compassion and logic I hear displayed. Nobody works together. Everyone talks that talk but never does what they say.  I admit I am not smart. I do not know half of what a small ant would know, at times, but sometimes I do. I know there is common decency. I know there is good in the world. I have seen and felt the brilliance of things such as that, and known love that could melt mountains of despair with a touch. I have witnessed the will of a people that made this great country something history has never seen. 
  With all that being said I am outraged. I am the farther thing from perfect, God would know, but there are some things you just don't lay down and take. As you are aware the northeast was slammed, podded, poked, and bitch-slapped by Hurricane Sandy (something the Weather Channel brilliantly predicted, yes I said predicted, some time ago on a "Super Storm kinda 'what if'?" program). By the way, it showed the devastation that a Hurricane hitting New York City would cause. Well it happened. Not a direct hit on New York city, but they got the worst side of the storm. (New Jersey would say they did, and they did, to an extent). New york got the massive storm surges. Could it have been worse? Hells yeah! Thank the good Lord in heaven it wasn't.
 So what or who is pissing me off. Today it was the announcement by Mayor Bloomberg that the New York City marathon would go on as planned despite, less than a couple miles away in the Burroughs of the city, people are reported to be rummaging through dumpsters for food! Really!?! Yep. Where is Bloomberg's common sense? People are dieing, some have died. How about postponing or even canceling the marathon until the cleanup, power restoration, adequate lodging is achieved? Maybe redirect all the security personnel and  help the people in your own city that is dieing. People are lining up car to car in New Jersey for gas. Others for drinking water.
  President Obama seems to be, at least at first and so far, dealing with the situation  in the best way possible. Even a Republican, Chris Christie, the Governor of New Jersey, praised him for his fast action.  FEMA seems to be getting a good report on their speedy efforts. It is all politics cause with days to go to the 2012 Presidential election, which will change our country forevermore (or not at all depending how you look at it), both candidate Mitt Romney and President Obama are back on the campaign trail. It's Business As Usual .
   What about the election? Some polling places might not be open in time. What to do? This week, the aftermath of  Super Storm Sandy, the Presidential election, politics and all that other stuff, can make your head spin. Hopefully there will not be a repeat of the Bush/Gore fiasco in Florida. There were already reports that the Department of Justice is overseeing southern Florida for voter fraud. Not again.
   Obama will win. There will be counts and recounts, but he will be re-elected. If Romney wins, things will get real interesting. 

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